Technology Stack

One of the top things to consider during digital transformation of your business is selecting an amazing technology stack.The technology stack impacts the speed of building your application and It also affects the ability to scale the product in the future and the cost your company will pay for the project support and maintenance.No doubt, right tech stack is the key to your project’s success, while wrong tech stack can cause failure of your project. We at CodeRoutes Software can offer you a great platform with the latest technology stack which can be beneficial for you developing your product. 

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Web Application Development


In the past, front-end development was overlooked. Internet browsers had limited capabilities.  HTML was simple and easy to learn. As one of the leading front-end development companies we use the latest tools and platforms. Let’s connect now to discuss your front-end project.


If the front-end is the body of your application, then the backend is its brain. Our services are not limited to making a server, application, and database communicate with each other. It’s about building a product that works seamlessly, meets market needs and creates different user experience that earns your clients loyalty. Without an effective and efficient back-end web development, your customer can not have a good experience on your website or application. Back-end is the binding force that constantly sends and receives inputs through the frontend and processes data on the web page while ensuring that everything is well-harmonized. Are you planning to build the brain of your product? Let’s connect!

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Nowadays, Content management systems (CMS) are an absolute requirement for all websites out there, from big enterprise sites to small to large ecommerce stores. Organizing your website is the easiest way to ensure a proper digital footprint, and CodeRoutes Software can help.

Mobile Application Development


The moment you consider investing in a mobile app, you’re immediately faced with a barrage of terminology. Selecting a native app can offer you broad functionalities using the capabilities of the underlying device. Are you ready to start your native app development? Let’s connect!


In today’s highly disruptive app development world,you cannot risk your digital presence on platforms like: Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Also, selecting between cross platform and native apps is always a challenge for any company, Native Android or iOS App is always a costly deal for you. Therefore, today, when businesses think about the app developing — Cross-platform mobile app development solutions are first to click in their minds. Even Startups and SMEs also find cross-platform an outstanding technology as it allows them to develop an app that can run on multiple platforms. Let’s connect to see how we can make you a great cost effective application.



Our team has specialized expertise to create cloud-native applications for the three most mainstream cloud computing platforms. This guarantees that your application can scale well past the first form. Quickly modernize applications, relocate the correct workloads, and securely manage with your multicloud environment.


Our ecommerce service administrations range a full life cycle of an ecommerce project: from elaboration of a market entry strategy through website developed and lunch to its continuous maintenance and on-request update. We offer both solid consulting support and expert software development involvement.